Sunday, November 30, 2008

A place replaced

The Wooden bed marks the transitional point of design in furniture. Design evolved from being highly decorative with multiple designs and decoration. This simple wooden bed made of plywood was placed by me in a boy’s room of a single family house. I believe that this bed belongs in that space because it is really simple and does not look like a girl bed. This artifact is now going to be moved again to a different area where this bed could also be used. The bed is now being placed in a garage apartment. To me, this bed is extremely simple and gives a sense that it belongs in an area outside or a garage. The reason for this is because this bed is very simple and had a style of its own. I do not feel like this bed would fit in a high tech area, or even in an art deco room. The high tech style is about using new materials to build upwards, but in the usage of new materials the designers makes the design appealing. The plywood bed is not appealing and does not look like a regular bed. The way that is it presented in the image it appears that the bed could possibly be dangerous because it seems as if it could give you slivers. The bed does not coordinate of with the art deco style because, once again, it is not decorated with different designs and it is very plain and simple, and the only type of decoration that is has is the circle opening near the top of the bed. The plywood bed could be compared to the Eames Plywood chair, because like the chair the bed is very simple and made of the same materials.

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