Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Town of Brighton

Today, in 1890 Brighton has seen alot of change. This town dates back around the 1000s and was previously called Brighthelmstone. In 1514, Brighthelmstone was burned down by the French in the war. After that this town was nothing but a quiet fishing village. Georgian Terraces was then brought to Brighton during the late 1700s and this is when the town started to emerge from a fishing village to a resort. But it doesnt stop there. Prince Regent, later known as King George IV, first visited Brighton in 1783. After spending most of his free time in the city he built the Royal Pavilion here. This palace was influenced by Indian architecture and has oriential design influence on the interior. Prince Regent used this space as a vacation home. This only encouraged population growth. Other buildings that were considered major attractions include the Grand Hotel, the West Pier, and the Palace Pier. In 1841 Brighton introduced its first railway. The population has almost doubled since then. The town of Brighton has now been converted to a health resort and a place of fashion. Shopping in the area is a common past time. Also decorating is common with the women. One object that is in high demand is the convex mirror that many people possess in their homes, not just in Brighton, but all over England. The Beaches in the area draw many people, especially from London since it is an hour away by train. Brighton has grown alot and will continue to grow.

Brighton can be compared to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Like the city of Brighton and Hove, Winston-Salem used to be two separate cities, Winston and Salem. Winston-Salem has also come along way in terms of population and growth. It is home of many business headquarters and is rated one of the best cities to live in with in the United States.
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In contrast to New York City during the stock market crash, Brighton was burned by the french and took hundreds of years for the city to gain population. New York is known for being the largest city in America and is very industrialized, where Brighton is a place typically for day trippers and vacations.
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