Monday, November 3, 2008

house in the 1980's

I assume most of us in the class were born in the 80’s. We all can probably remember when cell phones started to become a necessity, computers becoming more popular, and how AOL was the thing to have so you can talk on the instant messenger with your friends at night. Nowadays the majority of the public school systems carry PCs. However, when I was in elementary school, all they had were Macs, therefore many homes carried Macs as their personal computer. My artifact being the Macintosh 512k created in 1986 was placed in a standard home designed in the 1980’s; a 1980’s home which still carried the box TVs in the living room with the floral print couch.
Due to the fact that modern architecture has been becoming the mainstream design today, the contrast between the style back then and now is pretty apparent. I would believe that seeing a Macintosh 512k would look extremely out of place at the Museum of Modern Art. Since technology has been developed at an incredible rate, we are only used to seeing flat screen monitors or a computer with the computer tower built in the screen. It is extremely unusual to see a huge box with a tiny screen that comes with an enormous computer tower at a computer lab in the present day. These computers that are out of date remind me when my parents first bought their computer when I was a kid. It was something that people used regularly back then, but today, we can barely rely on it because our technology has improved tremendously.

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