Sunday, November 30, 2008

Place for Ray Hollis ashtray::Chicago

When customers walk into what looks like bar—they have to rethink. This particular bar is actually a tobacco bar that is located in Chicago. In the front window of the bar, there’s a sign that reads “Smokers Always Welcome”, which in today’s world is unusual because this city has very strict anti-smoking laws. When you walk in the front, you enter a wet bar and coffee bar, and then you move to the back which includes the tobacco bar. This tobacco bar has nine different varieties of tobacco blends in which the tobacconist can take those blends and create a pack of cigarettes especially for the customers. By having the Ray Hollis ashtray located in this tobacco bar, it could really make the business sky rocket for the simple design it has and how unusual the ashtray itself is. Since the ashtray does not look like your typical ashtray—it really catches the eye especially because of its aluminum material and modern appearance.

There are many similarities between the tobacco bar and hookah bar. One of the obvious reasons is that they are both places where you go to smoke. Another reason is because of how simple both artifacts are in form.

A contrasting place is the Biltmore Estate. Although the Biltmore has a smoking room within in, the styles are both different. The Biltmore has a more complicated form rather than a simple one.

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