Sunday, November 2, 2008

Buildings of the rich: Christyn

Dear Diary,
When my ancestors originated here from England they settled in Philadelphia. So far I really like this area. Its rather nice here in all the seasons. It gets pretty cold in the winter but the fireplaces in each room keep us warm. There’s a beautiful catholic church on one of the hills. Mother says we can’t go there because it is in Polish town, formally known as Conshohocken. Our church is pretty I guess but the one on the hill is just unique. Being a rather wealthy my family was always used to nice things, so why should America be any different. My father built our house with much attention to our luxurious needs. We have always had nice furniture here. I am not allowed to play in certain rooms such as the sitting parlor. This holds many-handcrafted furniture, with silk fabrics and expensive china. Only the adults are allowed to enter this room. I’ve always admired from afar one specific piece. It must be special because I hear mother gloating about it to all her snooty friends. It’s a sofa that has a handcrafted wood frame and it’s upholstered in a satin silk material with a floral print. I snuck in there once and sat on it, I was lucky I didn’t fall asleep or mother would have whipped me till my cheeks were as red as an apple. Someday I hope to join the adults in this room like my sister, but until then I must play in my room and the double parlor. I sometimes play tag in the central hallway but mother usually yells at me. All the bedrooms are upstairs and I must share mine with my younger sister, May for the time being. When Anna my older sister goes to college I will have hers to myself. Well diary that’s all I have so far today, it’s time for supper and I must change into my dinner attire.

So Long,

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