Sunday, November 30, 2008

Place for a bean bag chair: New orleans

While the racial demographics of New Orleans, LA are not well varied, the high rate of tourism in New Orleans is what makes this a special place to celebrate all the many people brought together. CNN released a poll in 2007 on the tourism of New Orleans; according to the poll, New Orleans is the best U.S. city for live music, cocktail hours, flea markets, antique shopping, nightlife, "wild weekends," "girlfriend getaways," and cheap food. New Orleans is considered one of the most famous places to celebrate Mardi Gras, the day of Carnival in the three day celebration before Lent. With that said, New Orleans is also a top gay friendly environment, meaning there is much eclecticism in this environment. Such a celebratory environment should hold places for partying and relaxation as well as multiple different lounge or club environments. Thus a hookah bar is an ideal business to be placed on one of the busy streets of New Orleans. The bean bag chairs inside the hookah bar speak a welcoming and comfortable language as well as inviting to all different people because of their simplicity in form. All the madness at celebrations on the streets of New Orleans can be calmed down by inviting relaxation to the environment.

The Biltmore Estate, Asheboro NC
(Mark Mundorf's Place for Victor 2 Humpback Gramophone)
Compare: The similarities of this location and New Orleans is that both locations were built around French heritage. New Orleans was a part of French territory until the Lousiana Purchase and the Biltmore estate is of French revolution architecture and style.
Contrast: The classicism of the Biltmore estate is very different than the eclecticism and community involvement that New Orleans is about. The Biltmore Estate is secluded and organized compared to New Orlean's diverse tourist environment.

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Jillian said...

Believe it or not, the beanbag furniture is perfect for Feng Shui because of its shape. Practitioners of the art would tell you that the shape of household items is very important. And when it comes to shapes, circle has that balance factor all accounted for.