Sunday, November 2, 2008

Manxman Piano by MH Baillie Scott (Building)

1900 Reynolda Rd. Winston Salem NC 27106

The historic Graylyn Estate of Winston-Salem, North Carolina offers guests a variety of amenities. Over many of years and multiple changes in the purpose of the building, it today is label as an international conference center. However, Graylyn offers private bedrooms, dinning options, as well as the space for hosting special events such as social gatherings, corporate receptions and holiday parties. The Manxman Piano fits nicely in the Graylyn Estate since it is a combination of a modern, sophisticated facility with elements of the past. When considering the space the Manxman piano was placed in, an ideal space for musicians who enjoy entertaining guest, the Graylin Estate is ideal for the Manxman piano and its space. Also the space consist of a dining area that is connected with the sitting and dance area that enables an easy transition from dinner to the after-party or a combination of having the two together much like events that would take place at Graylyn. The large window unit in the space is also a feature that would be found in an estate. The organic and geometric forms in the space can also be found throughout the structure of the building. The Manxman piano was a downsized object juxtaposing the Graylyn Estate which had become one of the largest private homes in North Carolina, both of which were drastic scale changes during their time period. The Graylyn Estate provides a cozy, welcoming home to the Manxman piano and its space through inner and outer shell of the building.

Compare: The Graylyn Estate is similar to The Royal Pavilion because the purpose of the building is to please and entertain guests. The owners of the two estates were obviously wealthy families.

Contrast: The Graylyn Estate is different from the suburban homes exterior form by the scale of size as well as the simplicity of the suburan home and complexity of Graylyn Estate.

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