Sunday, November 30, 2008

New York City: A Place of Corbusier's Petite Loveseat

Eclectic and modern buildings are all over New York City making it a perfect place for Corbusiers modern loveseat.

modern new york apartment which could easily house Corbusier's petite loveseat

As already iterated in earlier blogs, I think the place that Le Corbusier's Petite Loveseat would be most at home in is New York City. New York is a city of immigrants, travelers, and cultured people. This fits Corbusier's style in that he referred to his design aesthetic as the "International Style."

New York is full of eclectic styles and many art, design, and literature movements formed there. From business professionals to guerrilla theater artists there is no stereotype to the owner of one of Corbusier's loveseats. The sleek modern design unites a myriad of people and New York is the perfect place for this piece since it is such a diverse city.

One can walk down the street of New York and see numerous vendors selling knock-off items such as fake Gucci and Prada purses, or bootleg movies, some of which are surprisingly well made. The petite loveseat is of such a simple form that another manufacturer can easily recreate it. The original steel structure however might be a little more difficult to replicate. Corbusier's loveseat is on the more expensive end of furniture, and New York being a city of immigrants one will certainly find cheaper replicas of this piece of furniture. Although not everyone can afford the original loveseat from Corbusier's LC2 collection, they can own a replica inspired by the luxurious modernity that Corbusier created in the petite loveseat.


Compare: Alexander Calder's mobile in Washington D.C. would also fit nicely with Corbusier's modern loveseat. Washington D.C. is also a "International City" in that people from all over the world live, practice buisness, or simply travel there for numerous reasons. Calder's mobile is modern and bold and would look fantastic in the same space as the petite loveseat.

Contrast: A place for a bean bag chair in New Orleans is contrasting to the sleek idea of the loveseat in that a bean bag chair is extremely casual. New Orleans is a bit more wild and colorful as a whole while New York encompases very neat and strict and modern ways of living as well as more casual environments.

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