Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Location for the Candelabrum

The Candelabrum was originally found in the Nichols Family House located in Boston, Massachusetts. The new location for this fixture is The Breakers mansion located in Newport, Rhode Island. This house was a perfect new fit for the piece. It not only is also in the Northeast, but the new house’s style is very similar to the Boston household. Even though it has more of a French flair, then an English style it still contains extreme European influence. Unfortunately, the interior detailing of the home may be more intricate and voluminous then the previous site, but it contains a place that will allow the structure to become one with it’s environment. It will not only be the candelabrum that will speak words, but the area that surrounds it will also allow the viewers to contemplate styles and start fruitful discussions. The old environment was good in the sense that it was appreciated for its entire beauty, but there comes a point in time that an object needs to be among others that are similar in style and poise and this is the perfect location.

Compare: There are many similarities between the Breakers Mansion and New Orleans. They are both French inspired, very vibrant in color, and style. Through moldings and fencing, both places take a lot of pride in the detailing they possess. They also are both sites where there is a lot of emphasis on entertainment. There is entertainment with music; dancing and drinking are popular at both locations.

Contrast: Even though they are both similar locations, New Orleans and the Breakers Mansion are also very different as well. Though they both have emphasis on color, the Breakers contains colors pertaining to royalty such as gold, silver, red and deep purple. New Orleans colors are very bold and bright. New Orleans is also looked upon as a loud location, almost rambunctious in manner, whereas Newport is known as a quiet boating town.

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