Sunday, November 30, 2008

On The Shorelines of NC and VA

Located along the Virginia and North Carolina boarders is Kerr Lake, it is a very popular tourist attraction. In its construction in 1952 between the counties of Vance, Warren, Granville (NC), and Mecklenburg (VA), it served as an electricity producer as well as a flood controller. The lake stretches over 850 miles of shoreline, and cover approximately 50,000 acres. The depth depending on the location on the lake can range anywhere from thirty feet to as deep as one hundred feet. It is believed to be named after John H. “Kerr,” who is believed to be the creator of Kerr Lake. The official name of Kerr Lake is “John H. Kerr Reservoir”. The Roanoke River flows into Kerr Lake. The lake is also upstream of Lake Gaston. Many who reside in North Carolina and Virginia see it as a place for many recreational purposes including fishing. The lake is said to carry a number of different fish including Bass, Catfish, Crappie and Bream. It also serves as an area for many camping grounds. These Camping grounds include Kimball point, County line and Hibernia. Many people also view it as a place where they are able to go motor boating and sailing. They can do so on three privately owned marinas. These marinas are Steele Creek, Satterwhite Point and Clarksville, Furthermore, along the shorelines are get-away cabins for tourists that come from all over for these many attractions. Placed in few of the cabins are waterbeds, people who choose to have these cabins to accommodate them may have the intensions to gain the feeling of being closer to water and that relaxing feeling while doing the many water sport activities, however on the other hand the other cabins may have regular bed that contains a mattress, one who choose have a regular bed to accommodate them may enjoy the water, but may want to relax from the motioning of the water after engaging in the all the water sports all day. Another similar location maybe the east coast lines of North Carolina , which is also a tourist attraction, but also serves as a vacation area. The coast lines consist of beach shores, which give beach house accommodations.

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