Monday, November 3, 2008

Mahler Curtain In A House:Lauren Thore

The late 20th century houses illustrated above are from Cliff and Diane Numark’s neighborhood in Torrance, California. They recently had their bedroom redesigned on Design On A Dime, by Lee Snjiders and his design team. Before they had a plain, mismatched bedroom and now they have a well-designed art deco influenced relaxing getaway. I chose this house to add the Mahler curtain in because they wanted the style to be more eclectic than themed and bring in brighter colors.

Compared to an original Art Deco style house it has a very ordinary shape and structure. Art Deco houses appear to be modern machines with protruding angles and elegant materials. Most of the homes are geometric forms that were based off of inventions such as modern aviation. They are also made out of materials such as aluminum, wood, shagreen and stainless steel.

The Numark’s home is similar to most family homes built in the late 20th century because it is modern and does not have any drastic angles or curves. It is a basic family home that is appealing to the eye functionally and not aesthetically like Art Deco style homes. The changes in homes over the last century have been extreme, from unique appearances and to basic everyday materials and forms.

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