Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gensler Architectural Firm : Tizio Lamp

Architecture designed by Gensler Architectural Firm. This is the Civic Plaza in an airport located in Indianapolis.
These are the Tameer Towers located in Abu Dhabi, and Arabian City.

Gensler Architectural Firm located all around the United States is number one out of the top one-hundred and fifty architectural firms, states Architectural Record. As architects, designers, planners and consultants, they partner with clients on about 3,600 projects every year. These projects can be as small as a wine label or as large as a new urban district. With more than 2,800 professionals networked across 31 offices, we serve our clients as trusted advisors, combining localized expertise with global perspective wherever new opportunities arise. Sustainability is something Gensler strives to achieve in their architectural designs. They believe that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing a lasting competitive advantage. Gensler keeps more than 1,500 active clients varying from public and private, large and small, and profit or non-profit. As they have grown and expanded over the years they have worked out enough resources to provide 24-7 expertise delivering clients no matter what the project regards in size, complexity, or location. With as many clients Gensler has each architect in the firm is provided with a Tizio Lamp designed by Richard Sapper. It is designed with two counterweights that allow the user to direct light wherever it is needed most. You just push or pull with the touch of your hand to guide the light where it is needed. Great for those late nights in the office, especially the night shit that make 24-7 hour service able.

Although the Candelabrum is designed to light a room as well as the Tizio lamp, the Candelabrum is a much more intricate gorgeous artifact. It was designed for beauty and light. In contrast to the Tizio where it is designed for practicality instead. The lava lamp is similar to the Tizio lamp being two lamps that have new uses and ideas for lighting. Lava lamps have colored liquid and melted wax that warms up and moves around because of the heat created by the lamp. Tizio lamp was one of the first lamps to have a counterweight system and a halogen light bulb.

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