Sunday, November 30, 2008

Manxman Piano by MH Baillie Scott (Place)

The place for MH Baillie Scotts Manxman piano resides at the Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem, N.C. Traditionally, Winston-Salem is associated with the textile, furniture, and tobacco industries, but is attempting to attract new businesses in the nanotech, high-tech and bio-tech fields. Also, it is the location of the corporate headquarters such as, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc., BB & T, TW Garner Food Company, HanesBrands, Lowes Foods Stores, Southern Community Bank and ISP Sports. Winston-Salem first came about by the simple act from the United States Post Office to combine the two towns mail offices. Simple changes such as this shows that things will alter and adjust based on citizens needs and wants. Americans tend to know what they want, or think they know, so designers must base their designs off the demands of the costumers with considerations of the environment. The piano was a new concept of the 1890’s due to the fact that the piano was generally complex with many carved embellishments and MH Baillie Scott had downsized it into a more eco-friendly, space-saver, which is very contrary, to Graylyn Estate, an oversized home from the 1930’s. However, people alter and change, the purpose, use and size of things to better accommodate others needs and wants. Changes over time include, electronic sizes and capabilities, usage of new materials in buildings and textile goods and just about every aspect of design. The Manxman piano is another example of revolving designs through time. Now it is our job to take what has been done and alter designs to help us grow in a sustainable fashion. (

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View of Winston-Salem

Compare: Power and Prestige II (Jayson Parker) is similar to Winston-Salem through the large developed companies and the development of art in Winston-Salem as to New York City, these two cities may not be at the same scale but are on the same page.

Contrast: Place for a Tiki Lamp is much different than Winston-Salem being that the southwest states such as California and Nevada culture, lifestyles and view differ greatly from the southeast.


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