Monday, November 3, 2008

Two Sides

Two side
I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Cary. It was about an hour in car and about 45 minutes on train. The house that we lived in was similar to the still of Moore and which is the same still around town. When I was growing up my two brothers had to share a room together so one side of the room was had posters of bands, weird candles and a lava lamp. The other side had nothing but what he was working on and a calendar for all of his workout stuff on it.
The biggest thing about living an hour away from Chicago is we would go take a trip up the to see a ballgame or just go shopping down town. Now looking at it was like living in two different worlds just like looking at my brother’s rooms. You can see how my brother’s two different stalls did not work for the room but it fitted them for their own still and used. Just as Chicago has high buildings and more business for the need of the city and my hometown have just residences for people that want less active when they get home.
So the activity on Paul’s side with has the lava lamp shows more of a relaxed type of environment. Which Russ’s side is all about business and getting things done. Which you can see know that the suburbs are for more want you want it to be and if you live in Chicago you have to commit to an apartment that is more boxed in unless you have a lot of money. But the city is not all bad because you have more things to do and different things to look at like the Art museum and the bean. As in the suburbs people are more toward them own look of there home but are more classic about it in most places.

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