Sunday, November 2, 2008

a home for penguin donkey

my husband and i made a new addition to the family one month ago and decided that we needed an upgrade because the house we lived in was not big enough for our growing family. the house was a small two bedroom, one bathroom house in the suburbs, the kind of house that looked like every other house within our neighborhood. it was time for a change.

i was driving the other day in hickory after visiting my sister and decided to go house hunting. after two hours of driving around and getting lost, i found it. it was my future house. it was tucked away, out of sight from the main road. plain luck was what led me to it, because on any other day i would have driven right past the for sale sign. the house was a 1920s-1930s Art Deco inspired house. i stepped out of my car and took a good look at the two and a half acres that the stucco house sat on and then made my way to the entrance. the owner of the house answered the door and after explaining to her that i had to have the house she toured me around the was a three bed room house, with two baths, an open kitchen, dining room garage, and my favorite the large living room.

among other things, the first floor consisted of the main hall, with the living area to the left. the afternoon sun shed light through the large vertical windows in the living area illuminating it and keeping it warm. the floors were hard wood and the walls had a fresh coat of white i stood there i thought, i could see my self living here, spending a sunday afternoon playing around with my kids in the living area. its so cozy. on most sundays thats what i do, i sit down in one of my womb chairs, pull out a book from my penguin donkey that sits between the two cream colored womb chairs and read to my kids. i heard its never too early to start reading to them.

the penguin donkey will fit right in this house modern style home. its usually difficult trying to make it not look so awkward, but in this house it is at home. both the style of the house and my penguin donkey are the same and share a simplistic nature. this is not only a home for my family and i, it is also home to my penguin donkey.

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