Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barcelona Daybed-Building

I placed the Barcelona daybed, a classic modern furniture piece, in the lobby of a skyscraper office building. I chose the skyscraper because it is a great example of modern and postmodern design. The building also incorporates some of same materials used in the chair, steel.

On assignment for my architecture firm, Brown and Coleman, in Shanghai, I was delighted to take part in their design. As I arrive to my destination for a business meeting, I am met with a very post modern designed building with inspiration from the original modern designers. Made of steel and glass, the building experiments with angles and shapes. To my delight, as I walk through the glass doors I see a beautifully designed spacious lobby filled with classic modern furniture pieces such as the Barcelona daybed. The wood paneling in the lobby is accented with a colorful abstract painting behind the Barcelona daybed, which gives the room additional color.
A chair that has been around for years, it was refreshing to see the Barcelona daybed accented with a colorful abstract painting. I can remember hen I traveled to Chicago for a design exhibition, I was able to see a postmodern exhibition house. When compared to the building in shanghai, the Barcelona daybed was placed in a monochromatic space that embodied the characteristics of postmodern interior design (minimalist furniture, high use of steel and glass within the space). In comparison the Shanghai building was designed the lobby keeping in mind the client by giving the room added warmth by pairing the chair with a colorful painting, something I had not seen in the exhibition. I guess when you travel to other countries; you get to see design in a different way.

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