Monday, November 3, 2008

Russian Home- Jennifer Cochran-Russian Daybed

Edward: While taking a hike through the woods I cam across this older style Russian home set back in the trees. I pull out my camera to capture the image of this beautiful home from the 16th century that is covered in snow. While studying this home I wondered what the inside of it would look like and whether or not the owners would let me take pictures of it. I then wondered if it functioned very well, if all the space was used to its full potential. I hope that it is and if not then I hope that future homes would be more functional.

James: I guess the people in the mountains don’t get out very much since I am delivering there groceries to them. I assume they must have some little kids because they ordered a lot of baby formula. The house looks very nice can of older style to it though. I bet there rich with a nanny too, for their kid. I’m sure there also wasting a lot of resources trying to heat this big home up here in this snowy region.

Bella: I loved my 16th century style Russian home. I’m not use to living out in the mountain region and I never imagined that it could get so cold. Whoever originally built this home did not think about insulation very well. As soon as my little girl gets a bit older I’m going to do some major remobilizations to get this home up to date.

Compare: Hoover Winthorn House Museum this older styled is similar to the Russian styled home that was created using a 16th century style. Though there are many difference between the two homes the similarities are very prominent as well. Including the fact they are both surrounded by the environment even though not environmentally friendly.

Contrast: The Barcelona Daybed building is an apartment complex built in a city. The environmental contrast is extreme. Plus the time periods in which the two buildings were created. The Barcelona Daybed building was built in a more modern style.

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