Monday, November 3, 2008

The Patriot Radio place within the Pro Sunila in Finland.

The Patriot Radio was designed by Norman Bel Geddes in 1939. Geddes was one of America’s most prolific and influential industrial designers of his time, and even throughout today. He helped in creating the streamlined style that defined America throughout the 1930’s to the early 40’s. His objective was to promote both American technology and culture, in hopes to bolster national pride during the difficult years of the Great Depression. The Patriot Radio is made to represent the patriotic stars-and-stripes motif.
Times were rough during the depression, and designers of the time wanted to create objects that were optimistic and forward looking, hence the modernist approach to both the patriot radio and the building it has been place within. Alvar Aalto created a grand, industrial design the Pro Sunila between the period of 1936 and 1939 in Finland. This design was considered superb Modernist architecture.
A lot of the architecture and design that was built prior to the depression kind of had a one-way approach to thinking. The design surrounded the pro sunila was traditional and boring, not to mention a reminder of what was happening at this time. That why Aalto’s design was a breath of fresh air, and gave people hope for a better, more prosperous future.
The reason that the patriot radio can be seen within the pro sunila is because of the streamline, modern design. Both the pro sunila and the patriot radio have straight lines and a clear expression to get their point across. Their designs are simple, but aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

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