Sunday, November 2, 2008

North West Corner of Apartments on Main and Roxboro streets in Raleigh NC

Six months ago we moved to Raleigh, NC from Durham, NC where I attended the Duke University and studied to be a businessman. Since a lot of business started moving out of Durham since 1930s, we decided to come to Raleigh and open up a little bakery shop. Our bakery shop has been doing very well; we have a lot of business. Our shop is located in the same building we live in, which makes it very convenient for us since my wife is pregnant. We occasionally like to take walks in the Bloomsbury Park located near our apartment. We really love this city, Raleigh has grown a lot after the great depressed in the 30s, government created many new jobs for people, and the populations started to grow. It’s 1948 and the population is around 46, 8907(by the 1940 census), and this city is the state’s sixth largest city. Our apartment building is a simple, traditional colonial style building, with red brick and very symmetrical. Little shops are located on the bottom level and apartments on the upper 4 levels. The area is a middle-class neighborhood, with very pleasant people. Our street is one of the larger streets in the city, so through out the day, there are many automobiles, and people walking around, so we get a lot of traffic in a shop. We love to listen to the local (WPTF) radio station in the shop, they have great music and talk shows. The technology that has been growing here is just impressive, from new automobiles, to the recently opened large airport that took its first flight in 1943, to television sets. We were able to afford one of these new television sets, thanks to our prosperous little shop. It is a RCA 730TV1, we’re expecting a service tech at our house sometime today, to help install and set up the CRT and then teach us how to use it. We’ll be able to watch television and also listen to our favorite radio station, we are very excited!

The North West Corner Apartment building of Main and Roxboro Streets is very different from the National Art gallery. The traditional colonial style of the Apartment building is the complete opposite of the modern, cold feel of the contemporary National Art Galley. The materials used in these builds are completely different from each other. The gallery is very straight lines, and ornamentation, while the apartments have some decorations. However the apartment buildings in Raleigh are very similar to Nichols house. They employ same materials, and style, and serve same function.

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