Monday, November 3, 2008

Identity Through Design

Suzanne Talbots Apartment in Paris located on the Outskirts of downtown.
Suzanne Talbots Sunroom contained the Canoe Sofa located on the second story.

Elaine- I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S before but I couldn’t wait to be in Paris. It was a chance to spread my designer perspective and see something different. I heard about all the break through ideas that were taking place and I want to absorb it all. Compared to New York, I just feel that Paris has more to offer. The ghost chair I saw at the Schneider’s just wasn’t enough for me. It was just another idea for something that was already around. Paris on the other hand holds a more international style that pulls more from its surrounding countries. There has to be endless design possibilities. I can’t wait to see something innovated and unique.


Jean Louis- The best part of my job is passing through the new Lake District neighborhood. Morning is the best time to see this place with its friendly faces taking their morning strolls in the park adjacent to their homes. Being their gave such a Utopian effect like nothing could go wrong here. It’s secluded from the city but still in walking distance. I awed over the steps I placed the milk on for its amazing upkeep. I wanted this place for myself. If only I could afford it.


Lorie- I can’t wait to see what Suzanne has come up for me to wear to the upcoming ball. She’s an amazing designer. You could just tell by the way her apartment was set up. You just wouldn’t think a single woman could have all of this to her own. The mixture of fabrics and rich woods she has here are so bold and innovated for a woman. She has style and that is why I chose her for my hat design. This sofa by the way is just amazing in this sun room. She arranged it in such a way that gives it a main focus. I feel privileged and important in this seat. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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