Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rococo Building

The Rococo design style was formed in the early to mid 19th century. The designs during this era contained much elaborate and detailed work. This structure, which Étagère was placed in, is located in Yaroslavl, Russia. It is a Neo-Renaissance style building with Rococo and Baroque influences. It was built by one of the country’s greatest architects, Alfred Waterhouse.

Few notice this building is a 19th century reincarnation of the well-respected building “Palazzo Farnese” located in Rome. Although this building was constructed in early 1900’s, the piece, Étagère, was made in 1851-1866. The style during this era was conservative, but detailed. The building was intricately decorated on the interior and exterior, as well as the furnishings that adorned the structure. The columns present inside are similar to Corinthian style columns, with a very ornate capital. This was considered a high style building of that time in comparison to other structures in the vicinity. This building is adjacent to a Georgian style and Palladian style building. Étagère is strategically placed in a formal sitting room and it functioned as a cabinet and display piece. The use of different materials was particularly important during this time. Maple wood was widely used to construct furniture, with brass or gold plated accents. Silk fabric was used to upholster furnishings, fabric could be used as wall coverings as well. The artifact fits well within the composed space and compliments the structure it sits in, both the artifact and the building are high style and elaborately decorated.

When comparing this building to the Nichols House Museum, they contrast in many ways. They were built many years apart from each other which is obvious with the materials used and the construction of the building. The Nichols House takes more of a contemporary approach, with a brick facade, and the use of shutters. The building chosen for the artifact, in contrast, has a detailed facade with stucco carvings. The Nichols House seems to be in a quiet, suburban neighborhood rather than on a city street.

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