Monday, November 3, 2008

Murphy's bed in a sprawling atmosphere

"I can't believe I'm going to be living here" I said to myself as I walked down my future street in San Francisco. Many people were immigrating and moving to this city, and I just happened to be one of those lucky people. Urban areas are growing at a huge rate in the early 1900s. Powell street was quaint with lots of trees and houses and apartment building all sitting at a slant. The street is a workout to climb up because this city is so hilly. I finally arrive at my future apartment building.It is only four stories tall, which is an average height around here. It is an a neighborhood area and has a welcoming feel about it. It is a tan color with lovely windows and a ground entrance. There is an arch which makes the entrance easy to find. Other than that the building is pretty repetitive with the same windows running up the building. It sits right up against another apartment building. I walk in.

My studio apartment is small. It is only one room with a bathroom. I could only afford a studio and it seems the city is filling up so fast that there isn't enough room for everybody. The walls are bare but the windows let in a tremendous amount of light. I can see the bustling street below. The floors are a beautiful hardwood that the light from the windows flows across. There is one lone object in the room and it is a cabinet with a bed in it. I had heard that these beds, I believe Murphy beds, were invented right here in San Francisco. My landlord said they had become very popular recently. It is easy to fold the bed in and out, although I briefly think to myself what if it folds back in with me in it. It is also moderately comfortable. This will make entertaining guests much easier since my bed won't be the center of the room. I can already start to imagine my day versus night apartment.

Alike: It is like the Suburban home:Barcalounger in that both building are made for residents. They both also have a local style that they are built in. They are both built to fit the enviroments around them.

Different: The Metropolitan Museum of Art is very different. It is meant to house things instead of people. The scale is very different as well. There is more detail on the outside of the building and you are meant to walk through the entire building instead of going to one specified part of a building that you own.

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