Monday, November 3, 2008

Hoover Winthorn House -- Campion

The Actual Winthorn Hall

The Winthorn Hall, or the now Hoover Winthorn House Museum, can be found 2 blocks away from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. This two-story boys' dormitory and gymnasium was built in 1887 for the Friends Pacific Academy, the precursor to George Fox. Surprisingly enough, after our 31st president, Herbert Hoover was orphaned at the age of 8, he moved to Newberg to live with his uncle Henry and his aunt Laura Winthorn. Supposedly young Herbert lived in this dormitory and used the gymnasium during his stay in Newberg. He enjoyed the fellowship of the boys and the beauty of Newberg. He would take long strolls with his uncle, the first principal of FPA, to learn more about the Academy and the surrounding areas. Herbert could also be found playing out on the grounds with the other boys from the dorm he had befriended in his short stay there. George Fox University acquired the land and moved to the Winthorn Building to a new spot adding a third story. The rich history of this family and the fact one of the US' presidents actually attended there has helped George Fox and the Winthorn and Hoover names still mark the Universty. Now this piece of history sits as a living artifact on the outskirts of the University and has become part of the National Register of Historic Places as a house museum. To this day you can still find the Campion rug in the entrance hall of the building.

The Winthorn Hall, Hoover Winthorn House Museum, is very different in style than the home for the penguin donkey. That home is modern and edgy while the Winthorn Hall clings to a more classic style by recreating the 19th English homes. Both homes use diferent materials on the outside due to period and style but they have a similarity in the veritcal windows as well as the way they bring people together. The home for the penguin donkey created a new environment for the growing family to bond and flourish, as did the Winthorn Hall. It created a place for an orphan to reunite with his family and become a part of his new family.

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