Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Tower House building for The Golden Bed

The Guest room that the Golden Bed was designed for.
The Tower House- North Side (back yard)

William Burges, who also designed the Golden bed, designed the Tower House in 1876. This building is a town house on Melbury road in Kensington, London. The exterior of the building is a Reformed Gothic style, whereas the interior was inspired by medieval art. The interior is very ornamental and consists of paint on furniture, murals and ceilings. The exterior of the building is made of brick and slate. There are tall, narrow windows in each room. The part of the exterior of the house that stands out the most is the tower that is on the south side of the building. The tower is four stories tall, and has a lookout at the top. The ornamental design of the interior is lightly carried through to the exterior with a few carvings into window frames and the balcony.
The structure and design of the house is much like the structure of the bed in that the posts on the bed look like towers, much like the tower on the façade of the house. Carvings are inlayed into the bed frame that represents the windows on the façade of the building as well as the brick on the exterior.
Much of the interior of the house is painted and is embellished with carvings. Decorated wooden beams are carried through every ceiling of the house as well as iron work in the gap of each beam.
A great deal of the exterior of the Tower House is expressed in some of Burges earlier work. For example, the tower looks almost identical to the Castell Coch. The interior of the Tower House reflect that of Cardiff Castle, the design of the fireplaces and ceiling beams almost seem borrowed.

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