Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beach House Eastern North Carolina

When referring to the image below the second level floor window to the left houses this room.
The bedroom above is represented by the upper level window to the left, the center window represents the the loft that is later written about, and to the right is another bedroom.

As a retiree my husband and I have decided that we are ready for a change. We have decided that we are going to move from the city of New York after living here for forty years. We have chose to move down to the coast of North Carolina. We were not sure of the exact location we wanted to live, however we knew that we wanted beach front property fully furnished included would be a waterbed. Believe it or not it was a difficult search for a place with a waterbed. We wanted a waterbed to have that feeling of being closer to the ocean as if we were out on a boat at sea continuously. After months of traveling back and forth between North Carolina and New York, we finally found a beach house on Topsail Beach, at 107 South Permuda Wynd. The home is a single family home accommodated with two bedrooms one being a master bedroom and the other being extra as a guess bedroom, that room holds to full size bed and bunk beds for when my children and grandchild when they visit. There is also a loft room between the two bedrooms. Furthtermore, these rooms just describe are all upstairs. Downstairs there is a laundry room and kitchen and dinning room, and living and din area. The Master bedroom is upstairs to the left when referring to the photo above. The room give one a view out to the ocean however. the window faces more to the sky which gives one the notion of being out on a boat on beach chair while glazing at the sky. The color on the wall in the room is of a pale color blue that resemble a summer sky, while the color of the carpeting of the room is of a tan that mimics the color of the sand on the beach. The really set the room theme off great as to giving one that feeling of closeness to the ocean. If it had been bed from artifact grid,mercury 3 the bed would have been very high style for a simplistic room setting. It would fit greater in a high ceilinged room, while the ceiling on the beach front is at slant taking away from the height that the ceiling could be.

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