Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wood working

When we think of a bed most of the time, we think of a bed that is well polished has smooth surfaces. Our beds that are in sitting in our bedrooms are the perfect example of what a typical bed looks like. The bed below does not look like a typical bed you would find in our bedrooms, Instead the bed have a very rugged looked. The surface of the wood looks every rough. We almost get a feeling that ye spreading your hands over the surface, we will get pricked by the wood. The two pieces of plywood that are supporting the bunk beds must have something else holding them, as a support since the mattresses and the weight of the individuals have much weight. I find it interesting that the designer of this bed used that time of wood to make a bed like that. I think that even though that bed looks sloppy in a sense, the overall design is well designed, it may not look very appealing but it is probably just was sturdy and comfortable as any other bed. One thing I do not enjoy about the bed is that it does not look comfortable, and it give me the vive that this bed belongs in a prison cell, or garage and not a room.

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