Monday, September 22, 2008

The Mechanical Game Table--Josie McKinney

The Mechanical Game Table

This table consists of a beautiful assortment of materials, some of which include maple, mahogany, brass, and iron and steel fittings. At first glance it is merely a table, yet when one takes a second, closer look, they will see that the table transforms into a game table. The top of the table has hinges on one side to allow it to swing open. There are attachable legs that can be placed to hold the now "game board" up. Under two more mock table tops (which allow for card and chess games,) is a backgammon box that is set into the table and rigged on springs to allow it to pop up. The Mechanical Game Table made for great entertainment and was a good space saver when not in use. (

Manxman Piano

The Manxman piano and Mechanical Game Table are alike in a very obvious way. They both conceal entertaining mechanisms within their confines. When all of its doors are closed, this piano resembles a cabinet or hutch that is up on stilts. One would not know it is a piano, just like one would not know the Mechanical Game Table houses a backgammon box and chess board.

Conference table (1975)
The Mechanical game table is multifunctional--multifaceted. The function of the conference table is pretty clear. It has one function; People are meant to sit around it and eat, talk, read, and any other thing people regularly do at tables. It does not open or there are no suprises like there are in the other artifact.

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