Monday, September 22, 2008

center table-herter brothers

The Herter Brothers (Gustave /Christian Herter) became leading interior designers and furniture makers in later 19th century. The Center Table (1878-1888) a decorative piece showing mixed materials and hand carvings. The basic form of the table is post and lentil with incise ornament and gilding. The legs taper down and flair out at the bottom giving the legs feet. All of the legs are connected either by supports from front to back or by the stretcher helping stable the table. Detailed pieces are carved and added to the side of the table between the legs. The voids help lighten the table keeping it from looking chunky. Medallions are added below the top encouraging the amount of detailed carvings. The top is an elaborate inlay of wood with motifs of classical origin. The dimensions of the table are 30.75” x 56” x 35”

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