Monday, September 22, 2008


This is the Campion wool rug. It was designed by Morris and Co. Decorators Ltd. It was created in England. Surprisingly enough it is only about 48" x 34", not a very big rug, but a very ornate one. This kind of rug is known as "kidderminster" style, woven rug with one large symmetrical pattern.

The tiki lamp is like the Campion due to its intricate carvings and design. Much like this rug, I believe that lamp took a very long time to make. Both provoke alot of thought and show very much insight into their cultures such as what the Polynesians were worshipping and believed in the case of the tiki lamp and how the English valued beauty and decor.

On the other hand, the Campion and Marian Mahler's Curtain are to seperate things. While they are both forms of decor, they are bounds apart. The Victorian style of the rug does not fit well with the contemporary style of the curtain. Yes, they both have patterns but one seems to be more intricate and wel planned out while the other looks as if the pieces were just strewn across the curtain. I think these pieces show how the styles have changed and gone from organized to free form.

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