Sunday, September 21, 2008

the penguin donkey

the isokon penguin donkey is a bookcase designed by Jack Pritchard in 1939. the book case got it odd name because of the fact that the book case had four legs and two panniers. it was named the penguin donkey after the publiser of the paper back books penguin became impressed by it had 100,000 leaflets put into the penguin donkeys. the side of the penguin donkeys were just big enough to fit the books perfectly. unfortunately because the second world war broke out production on the bookcase did not go very far . on ly about 100 of the bookcases were made and sold quickly.

the mechanical game table designed by david roentgen in 1780 is much like the penguin donkey because it is small in size. both of the pieces are small enough to be placed any where withiut occupying to much space. the mechanical table is an intersting piece because it has different compartments that change for its many functions. it can be used as a console for reading and writing, and a game table for chess and cards. the thing that makes the two pieces of furniture similar are their legs. the thin legs give the illusion that the heavy top is floating.

a piece different from the penguin donkey is the herter brothers library table. the table was made in 1882 and was made as a monumental center piece of the library in william vanderbilts mansion. it is based off the roman furniture because of its ornate appearance and paw feet, whereas the peguin donkey is a modern piece of furniture that is based on simplicity and funtion.

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