Friday, September 19, 2008

Barcalounger Easy Chair

The Barcalounger Easy Chair Company is quite famous for being the first to create a chair along the lines of a recliner. This company is famous for their slogan, “…because you’re comfortable with the best. I feel that most Americans felt this way about the Easy Chair.

The Barcalounger Easy Chair is known for its desire to please the customer through its comfort. The positions that the chair would range in were first studied through the natural positions that people create when they are in the water. The chair consists of three main positions. The first is the upright position that is considered to be the position desired for reading. The second of the three positions is the middle one, which is suggested for one who just wants to relax. The position is where the legs are raised to a forty-five degree angle and the back is reclined slightly if not a forty-five degree angle also. The third and final of the three positions is assigned for relaxation. This position is fully reclined to a point where a person could comfortably sleep.

The Easy Chair consists of a sturdy frame that made of kiln-dried lumber. This specific wood is chosen because it resists warping in the long run. An abundance of foam and padding is added to the frame to provide comfort and then a variety of six hundred different materials are chosen to upholster.

The first Barcalounger Chair was created and produced in 1940. It has been a treasure ever since. The Barcalounger Companies inspiration is to provide to the people and what is comfortable and suitable to them. Rocky Mountain, North Carolina has one of the top plants for the Barcalounger because they are consistently ahead of the competitors and their designs of motion furniture.

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The Charles Rennie Mackintosh armchair, although similar in the fact that they are both chairs, is completely different with a different function in mind. This armchair is intended to seat someone who might be dining and just temporarily sitting there. The Barcalounger practically speaks for someone to spend longer periods of time sitting there while they are relaxing or sleeping. The Barcalounger is meant to change positions while the armchair is unable to do this.

The Bean Bag chair and the Barcalounger have aspects in common. They both have a means of finding your own comfortable position. One can form the bean bag to fit the position in which they are desiring to sit. The Barcalounger althought somewhat limited can still recline to three different positions.

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