Sunday, September 21, 2008


This piece is titled Sofa, it was designed by John H. Belter. He was born in Germany in 1804 and died and 1863. The sofa follows the Rococo Revival Style. It’s part of the high style furnishing market in the nineteenth century. It has a carved rosewood frame. The carvings are very organic/natural shapes. Not only is the back of the piece carved but also the legs, which are shaped in a claw leg form. The fabric appears to be of satin or silk and has naturalistic floral design printed on it. John H. Belter is known for creating his sofas with this naturalistic floral print. This type of sofa would have normally been placed in the drawing room of a families home.

One piece similar to the sofa is the Center table, by the Herter Brothers. They both have very high-carved wood. They also have the claw foot legs, although the Sofa is much more elaborate. They’re also both belonged to the high Victorian furniture market in the nineteenth century.

The sofa is very different from the “Patriot” radio, created in 1939. The “Patriot” radio is a very streamlined style that defined American design through the 1930’s and 1940”s. The “Patriot” radio is a very straightforward design, with clean lines, and a designated purpose. Where as the sofa is used not only for a purpose but is more a decoration piece than a furniture piece. The “Patriot” radio, is made from plastic a new industrial invention of the time while the sofa was still being made from wood.

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