Sunday, September 21, 2008

Atlanta Life Insurance company

Background on the Neon sign:
The neon sign of Atlanta Life Insurance is located in Birmingham, Alabama, at the intersection of 4th ave. and 17th st. The sign is made of metal and in its day lit the night sky. Atlanta life insurance was established by an African American slave named Alonzo Franklin Herndon that became the first African American millionaire. He resided in Atlanta Georgia and his home is currently a national landmark. The neon sign is located in the historic district of downtown Birmingham. The district was a thriving area established in the 1930’s to 1950’s, during which African Americans where not allowed very much freedom or privileges in white owned stores. So they began creating their own shops such as: tailoring, department stores, cafeterias, billiard parlors, fruit stands, shoe shine shops, laundry service, jewelry and record shops, and taxicab stands. The area at night was very alive as well, there where usually a lot of entertainers and dancers that lit the night life. There was no competition among race due to business they where just simply enjoying there freedom to be able to own there own stores. The Atlanta life insurance sign was apart of this thriving new district as well making a statement in the civil rights era, and is still today an excelling company.

Sources include:,, which offered information on a historical marker sign in the district.

The sign is similar to the television radio, not in style or function of coarse but in statements and historical advancements. The television radio made an impact on the American society in a huge way it was advancement in technology that allowed communication to push forward in advances, like the sign standing for civil rights in a time where change needed to take place, statements that said American can move forward.

The sign is very different from a chair. The chair functions as a comfort zone a place to relax. The sign is an advertisement tool for a company. The chair also interacts with its viewer where as the sign does not it is simply viewed from above.

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