Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ray Hollis Ashtray [my attempt for the 2nd time]

The Ray Hollis ashtray was designed by Philippe Starck in 1986. This simple artifact is ten centimeters tall, seven and a half centimeters wide and eleven and a half centimeters long. The material that the ashtray is made out of is aluminum. This ashtray was a gift of Clotilde Bacri. To describe this piece is quite difficult due to the simplicity. Basically, it is a slightly flaring rectangular box with a slab-like, pivoting flip-top lid. The lid’s thin edge projects beyond one side of the box. Even though the design is so simple, describing it is a challenge. The shape of the Ray Hollis ashtray is very different from any other typical ashtray—the typical ashtray’s shape is round and there’s a distinct place to put your cigarette. The materials are also different. A typical ashtray is made out of plastic or glass, rather than polished aluminum. The aluminum ashtray’s sense of symmetry and shape expresses a sophisticated and modern look. Lids on an ashtray are unusual; however, there is one on this particular ashtray making it unique. Who knew that ashtrays could be so appealing?

The umbrella holder has many contrasts towards the ashtray. Even though they both hold things, there are many differences—mainly being the shape and material. The shape of the umbrella holder is round and cylinder like. Materials used in the holder are porcelain, which contrasts the ashtray.

Compared to the Le Corbusier Petit Loveseat, many similarities arise. Both are modern with simple shapes, in this case, rectangular. These simple shapes really help make the pieces different from the other artifacts.

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