Monday, September 22, 2008

Le Corbusier's Petite Love Seat

Le Corbusier said that a house is a machine for living; this means that the furniture inside of that house would be its working parts. Le Corbusier’s Petite Loveseat is a stylish and luxurious, yet modern and practical. It is very difficult to streamline such a product so that it inherits all of these qualities, but Le Corbusier was successful in this with his LC2 collection, which includes the petite loveseat featured in the image above. The collection is luxurious in that fine leather and stainless steal were used as the materials and the scale of the arms and cushions in the collection are highly padded and thick. The thickness of the cushions provides comfort and a luxurious design aesthetic. The petite loveseat has a very low back cushion and the arms are the same height as the back. This part of the design relates to Le Corbusier’s minimalist approach. The love seat also seems to have a good amount of weight and sturdiness to it, which contributes to the fact that working parts of a home (furniture) must be sturdy and usable. The stainless steal frame is sincerely minimal in that the placement of the bars is for structure only. Le Corbusier’s collection is almost like an exoskeleton in that it’s ‘bones’ are on the outside of the piece and it’s outer cushions become the inner workings. Le Corbusier’s Petite Love Seat and his LC2 collection is a far stretch from the traditional furniture of the time and can be viewed as a home’s most successful working parts.

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