Sunday, September 21, 2008

Macintosh 512K (earth)

My Artifact (Macintosh 512K)
The Macintosh 512K was the second line of the Apple computers (this new addition had 4 times as much memory than the original Apple). It was introduced in 1984 with the cost of $3,300 and discontinued in 1986. The device came with softwares such as MacPaint, MacWrite, MacDraw, and MacProject. Although computers were not as popular then as it is today, it still had the same implementation. People used these computers as a source of communication, recieving information, and productivity.

Similar Artifact
The Patriot radio created in 1939, was also another source of communication and recieving information. Although the radio was invented way before the computer, the two devices almost had the same purpose. Both of these artifacts are still in use today in our everyday lives. Radios and computers have become such a significant part of our lives, it is almost impossible to live without it nowadays.

Contrasting Artifact
Le Corbusier Petit Loveseat LC2 was a reproduction of the 1929 Salon d'Automne. This modern piece is not an artifact that evolved around communication, recieving information or productivity. Although this piece of furniture can be used in someone's everyday life, it does not have the same purpose or the technology like a computer or a radio. However, the style of furniture have changed through time due to technology.

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