Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sheraton Tilt-top Dining Table

This table was designed in the late 19th, early 20th century. The designer is unknown, and the place of design is not know for sure, but is believed to be England or the United States. The table can be found in the Nichols House Museum. Originally the table belonged to the Nichols family and it became a permanent piece in the museum collection in 1960. The tables’ unique oval shape is created from three types of wood; mahogany, lace wood, and cherry. Having three different types of wood in one table creates more depth and dimension. The table top is supported by a turned center post, which is supported by four reeded legs. The feet are adorned with brass caps, and small brass wheels. I find it interesting that the table has wheels because you dont often see dining tables that have wheels. This also allows for more flexibility in a space because the table can easily be moved.

Liz Brown's artifact is similar to mine in that it is also a table. But, the 20th century dressing table is also a very different table. It has a mirror, and the function is totally different. Also, it does not transform.

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