Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lidded Punch Bowl and Ladle

The designer of the Lidded Punch Bowl and Ladle is an unknown artist from Germany. It was designed in 1900 and is manufactured by Würtemburgische Metalwarren Fabrik. This punch bowl has silver curved lines that over lap onto the green glass. This reflects its art nouveau style, which are designs that reflect plant forms. The green glass and vine like curved lines are plant like and make this piece organic. In contrast to the organic shapes of the punch bowl Philippe Starck’s ashtray is very organic and static. Although both pieces have lids the punch bowls is more decorative and points upward while the ashtray’s lid is somewhat flush with the top edges. Not only does the lid of the punch bowl point away from the two handles bring your eyes out and around the bowl. The ashtray has only vertical and horizontal lines which make it not as flowing. Lucien Bonvallet’s Chocolate Pot is especially similar; they both have handles, lids, and a stirring/serving instrument. The lids are a lot alike because of the shape and they both have a “knob” at the top for easy removal. They are both silver and have decorative etching and have another color to go a long with the polished silver.

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