Sunday, September 21, 2008

Barcelona Daybed

Barcelona Daybed by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
Manufactured by Knoll
Germany, 1929

The Barcelona daybed was first displayed at the 1929 International Exhibition in Spain. Reproduced all around the world, the standard dimensions are L 78”x W 39” x H 25”. The cushion of the chair is made from spinney back leather with stainless steel legs. Although a simple daybed, special details are made alongside the railing of the daybed.

When I first looked at this chair, I really liked the overall piece of furniture. The most interesting aspect of the chair was the geometry. The day bed has a long rectangular shape with a long circular pillow for the headrest. When you look at the daybed, you eye originally looks at the circular headrest, which stands out against the rectangular shaped daybed.

Although the daybed had been in use since Egyptian times, the Barcelona daybed is a more modern version of an ancient furniture piece that spawned many more modernized versions of the daybed. Some very similar daybeds to that of the Barcelona daybed are the “Daybed” by George Nelson, “Daybed” by Paul McCobb, and the “Daybed” by Bertrand Goldberg. What all of these chairs have in common is their sleek clean-cut lines. All of the daybeds incorporate some type of wood as the daybed support.

Similar Chairs:

daybed by george nelson
manufacturer herman miller,
usa, 1949

daybed by paul mc cobb
usa, 1950

daybed by bertrand goldberg
usa, ca. 1950

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