Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chand Baori in Rajasthan, India : water + architecture

amanda pelon, a student in iar221, passed along this fascinating insight...and this youtube video...


Regarding our water and architecture conversation - I was reading the newest edition of National Geographic and found a reference you might be interested in. Around the same time period as the Roman Empire in India they were building stepwells.

There is an article in the National Geographic magazine about Chand Baori in Rajasthan, India with a wonderful picture. The article mentions the "Esche-esque"-ness of the wells - when you see pictures you will see why. What I found intriguing were the arched niches that were built into the wells under the steps where people can pause and rest in the shade. the same time, in India. How cool is that!

Here is link to the tourism board in Rajasthan with information on the Chang Baori -

Amanda Pelon

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