Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BP5: Connecting Design + Music

Laura Kimmel's Blog post is one to emulate... it conceptually captures the design idea's portrayed in the photograph below. The song she chose speaks the same language as the patterning of the hangers and I can see exactly what point she is trying to put across for the viewer.
 Great Job Laura!

the twisting and spinning composition
with delicate but defined repetition
interacts with the space
at a rhythmic pace
with a weightless but colorful disposition

This week, we have been discussing how music fits architecture, or vice versa- how architecture fits music. In many civilizations, buildings seem to replicate the music they produced. This idea that the music came before the design is based on writing from Friedrich von Schelling in 1803:

"Architecture is music in space, as it were, a frozen music."

This theory can be applied to...

The limerick poem above is a response to how an object can be connected to a musical composition, using terms that relate to both design and music.


Paper covered wire hangers, hanging sculpture
at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art

The hanging sculpture seems to take a lifelike form, gaining momentum as the individual forms overlap and the structure spins. It reminds me of the winged maple seeds that twirl as they fall; this action frozen in space. The rhythm this creates resembles music. Personally, I thought immediately of this song by Enya, "Sail Away" (Orinoco Flow). < link to the song

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