Friday, February 3, 2012

McDonald's Golden Arches: Why Do They Impact Us So?

It is a symbol known throughout the world, the golden arches of McDonald's. You can travel the world and find them in most countries. It is symbol that crosses many languages, cultures, and politics... Yet it is something that has left an impression on people's minds, so much to the point McDonald's does not even need to use words anymore, only this symbol to be recognized by the general public of the world.

My question is, why does this symbol hold so much power? Granted, McDonald's has done a pretty good job of cramming the logo down our throats for decades now... no pun intended. I think it has something to do with the history of architecture.We have learned in class the Romans used the arch in their buildings, and were very fond of it's shape eventually using them wherever you could place one.

The arch is a hybrid in design. It is the idea of the scared circle and the groves of columns coming together to create a whole new shape. I think in this description lies the idea of why it is such a powerful logo those golden arches. They have taken two of the earliest forms of human thought and design and combined them together. We already know that these circles and columns in antiquity were a global thing. They were found throughout the globe. So they already were a symbol recognized by most. I believe that is why the arch was able to develop like it did, and also become such a simple, yet powerful logo for the McDonald's corporation.

Now these golden arches can be found all over the planet, but I think their original history stems as far back as the first buildings humans ever decided to construct. The Romans gave us the arch, but they did not get there alone. It may be a pop culture icon now, but I think it has been in culture all along, and that I think lies the power behind the golden arches of McDonald's.

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