Monday, February 27, 2012

design autobiography 2

you might not give a lot of thought to something as simple and as common as a pair of shoes, but this routine object carries global implications as well as a vast history.  #3 demonstrates one of the earliest forms of shoes, the sandal.  it was created by the egyptians, first used by the pharaoh, but then spread down the pyramid of power all the way to the workers.  it changed form, due to what function they would be used for and what terrain they would encounter.  since these early times, the shoe has greatly evolved, and now include styles like heels, flats, boots, and many more.
this evolution has lead us to the creation of toms shoes.  the idea was first thought up when blake mycoskie befriended children in argentina and realized that they didn't have shoes to protect their feet from the terrain or bacteria and diseases.  while early people started out with no protection on their feet, it seems that we have digressed back to these ways, not due to lack of innovation, but rather to lack of wealth and poor circumstances.  people in a variety of counties now wear toms shoes, which act as a subtle representation that that person cares about this digression and want to help make an impact.  this simple idea has rippled all around the world.

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