Friday, January 28, 2011

Response to the Powers of 10 Video

Making pieces of the Powers of Ten and showing how it relates to the area and atmosphere we live in.
In thinking of a response to the Eames Powers of Ten, we began to think of the pieces that make up the video. It was little things added together that makes this video so powerful and moving. To show this importance we decided to draw the pieces of the Powers of Ten and show the complete drawing in whole and how it becomes something powerful and visual once all the pieces come together. We also wanted to show how going out of the "powers" of the location effects this picture and its importance. This drawing of the Powers of Ten relates to its location because it is in our design studio and we often relate with our classmates how "powers" and scale matters in architecture, materials, space, and practically everything. This drawing is important to our school (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) because our studio and Interior Architecture major is a part of this school. Therefore, the work we do and others works we relate to matters in making the University what it is. But, the farther we move away from the location of this drawing the importance of it to others becomes less. We hope though that by making this video we will inform others that in fact the powers of things, like the Powers of Ten video, is important in understanding the world and atmosphere we live in.

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Sounds Like Vikert said...

I don't mean to be rude, but perhaps you should add to the credit lines everyone who worked on that large composition. That was everyone's work and therefore everyone should receive some credit. Also adding those credit lines might make your video the full 2 minutes for the contest. Just offering some helpful criticism.