Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alexander Remizov's The Ark

Several weeks ago, I came upon an article labeled "The 'Ark' Eco Building of the Future" and my curiousity was piqued.  According to this article, Russion architect Alexander Remizov has envisioned an eco-friendly dome that can house 10,000 people and withstand environmental disasters of biblical proportion.  Not only can it house so many people and withstand natural disasters but it can be built on land or water.  Possibly inspired by an old toy, the Slinky - it is amazing to see what our creative minds can come up with.  If building this dome - that can house that many people andwithstand natural disasters - is possible, what is holding us back from imagining other great things?  We might imagine or create something that might not be possible to build now, but with the knowledge that technology continues to improve - nothing is impossible!

The Ark on land

The Ark on water

Energy diagram of the Ark on water
Here are a couple of links about Alexander Remizov and his Ark:

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Jon Pearl said...

I have seen this. It is fantastic. I have also seen it appied on land using geothermal energy.