Friday, March 30, 2012

unit two [reverberations] 140 statements

i've pulled all of the summary statements for the six weeks of unit two sure to consult the comments from unit one summaries as you make these summaries for unit two.

week 05 : eyes dance across surface, music enfolds, light washes from above. worship spaces stand as tangible expressions of faith in glass and stone.

week 06 : the first millennium ends, the modern world map unfolds: we see more enlightened places + people than previous notions of the “dark ages.”

week 07 : making rules to break with gothic ideas and re-link to the ancients of the western world : observing continuities with the past in the east.

week 08 : as western rules made + written, designers work across genre + scale to bend + break them; eastern designers maintain a continuous approach.

week 09 : colonial expansion brings ideas + people around the world. in these encounters, emulation and maintaining difference both become important.

week 10 : architecture and design obscure significant political, social, and cultural change brought by revolution and invention throughout the world.

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