Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here is some restoration interests

This is the Dr. Kheelan house (not sure on the spelling) in Old Salem. This house is being restored by Something I noticed in the house was the room seperation in the basement.

This is the "refrigerator room". There is a spring fed spout in the wall which would pour water into the bin. The overflow tubing holds the water's height. The workers would keep parishables like milk and cut wrapped meats in the bin to keep them cool. This one room was set under the kitchen below the ground level in order to keep the temperature as cool as possible. These are modern advancements and the search for an easier energy source. This can be compared to the Green movement in the present time as we revert back to the search for easier renewable energy. Our personal energy revival?

Here is some Baroque iron door hardware. This is the door to the refrigerator room.

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