Friday, March 27, 2009


I. Place::Heaven
A.  Nature:: Earth versus Hell versus Heaven.  After the year 1000 people thought the world was going to end and everything left on Earth would descend into Hell.
B. People:: People's religion greatly influenced the aspect of faith Incorporated in design
C. Material::Heaven was portrayed through the use of light via windows, glass and water.
D. Symbol::The Heaven role in architecture and design depicted the peoples beliefs of afterlife.
II. Building: Versailles
A. Nature:: The landscape of Versailles was important just like the architecture itself.
B.  People:: Versailles was like people linking arms and standing together to seem stronger.
C.  Material:: The material of Versailles was strong and elaborately decorated.
D.  Symbol::  As found in nature the same concept of a school of fish was portrayed in architecture by smaller, uniform buildings connecting to give off a more powerful and grand appearance.
III.  Space::Vitruvius' idea of rational proportion within design::'the space between'
A. Nature::  Proportions are found within nature: example: shell
B. People::  People look for order in everything.
C. Material:: this concept was depicting through many types of material and all forms. Ranging from the shell to landscape design to the material used for the building itself.
D. Symbol::  This concept symbolized order and clarity
IV.  Artifact::Landscape
A. Nature:: Landscape design was redesigning something that is found in nature and relating it to architecture and the community.
B.  People:: The English gardens were more formal compared to the French; this gave insight to the peoples culture.
C. Material:: All material was found in nature and accentuated to a hilt.
D. Symbol::  Landscape symbolized the people's culture, beliefs and traditions as well as reflecting architectural concepts.

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